Happy New Year!!

Another year has come and gone. At the beginning of 2016 I felt positive for the first time in years. It has been one of the best for a long while. This year, 2017, I don’t have a sense either way. Whatever comes, I know that God is in control. A clean slate, a fresh start. Happy New Year and all the best to you and yours.

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Let’s try this again….

After my Christmas post, I suppose I discovered that blogging required a little “work” so I put it on the back burner for a while. Or perhaps it was that universal issue of “time”. Most likely it was laziness and not wanting to put the effort into educating myself on the details of blogging.

Whatever the reason I’m going to try again. I love reading blogs and the amount of information “out there” can at times be overwhelming. But I love the people and everything they put into their blogs and I look forward to sharing some of my favourites with you.

At first my posts will be about whatever is forefront in my life at the moment. Over time a more common thread may evolve. My interests are many, my time and energy little right now, but I look forward to a new adventure.

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Christmas Sugar

For a month now I’ve been reading everyones blog about all their Christmas decorating and loving it all!  The sparkles and cool colours this year are beautiful!  But I think what I like best, is that many of you are simplifying.   It inspired me to go through my decorations and ornaments and weed out the things that are broken and pack away some that are my childrens.  I’ve added a very few new finds from the thrift store and did as much as I could handle without getting stressed.

There is one very simple idea that I would like to share with you that has become a tradition in our house the last few years.

Christmas Sugar

Start with your Christmas Sugar Bowl

Fill the sugar bowl with white sugar.

Add 1 teaspoon each of the red and green sugar sprinkles and mix in.

It's so simple but is that extra touch that people aren't expecting.

Merry Christmas!

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While all the worlds asleep…

Lately, I have chosen not to fight it.  If I wake up and can’t get back to sleep then I get up and get something done.  All too often I end up on the internet paying bills, catching up on emails, reading blogs or searching for something I didn’t have time to search during the day.  Our house is small and I don’t want to wake anyone else, so the internet seems a good choice.  Although I could use the sleep, I manage to appreciate the quiet, alone time, which is very rare in my life at this stage.  Working two jobs, one full-time spent sitting in a cubicle open to the activity and sounds of an office all around me, one part-time in the customer service industry, my day is full of people and noise.   We have a small home which has one or two other adults and two demanding dogs, there at all times when I do manage to be home.  So these few quiet hours in the early morning are a gift…and I appreciate it.

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Hello blog world!

Starting a blog seemed like a simple idea at the time….I can now see that it will take a while to learn all the details.  However, it will be a new challenge and a great learning experience for me.  Maybe even a much needed diversion from everyday life.  Much of my blogging will probably be done at around this time, the downside being the lack of sleep, the upside being the quiet peacefulness of the hour.

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